Friday, November 15, 2013

I Spoiled Myself This Week

Normally, all my free time is dedicated to my baby and my husband. Not a bad thing at all but I was feeling way outdated with my look. After all, it has been a year since my friend did a melt on my hair, when I was prego with my baby and when Lora Grady took these lovelies for me.

Lora is now located in Seattle and if you want her to do your pictures for anything, check out her website Lora Grady Photography. Also, great news for her, she is currently one of the 15 best photographers according to Le Magnifique Blog. I was so spoiled to have her take pictures for me! 
Oh, and the amazingly talented Lindsey Jacobson from Metropolitan salon did that wonderful melt. 

Anyway, that has been a year gone. Eventually, I took my melt to red on the ends and I loved that for a bit but I was still dark. Even though I have been doing hair for 7 years, I have never ventured to do anything drastic because I have loved my natural color. 

This last week, I asked Mallory Villagomez from Relik Salon in American Fork to do the Sam Brocato SuperSilk smoothing treatment on my hair. I thought if my hair wasn't so poofy and frizzy that I would like it more. Especially if that meant that my hair would be easier to do, and with kids, who doesn't want that? Lets be honest, even if you don't have kids, who doesn't want an easier hair do?

Also, I am not a very photogenic person really so don't look at the face. Just the hair :) 

Pretty amazing right? Keep in mind that for both pictures, I tipped my head upside down and blow dried my hair. I didn't use a flat iron in either picture either. That, my friends, is the magic of SuperSilk. And now you can see my red melt :)

After Mallory did this, I loved not having to flat iron my hair! I still had a wave but no frizz and no poofiness. Seriously, why did I wait so stinking long to do this? I feel every woman deserves to pamper themselves, me included. I loved it and I still love it. However, I wanted something more. I knew I needed a trim and then I was thinking about a color... I LOVE red hair. I wish it grew out of my head. So, I decided to go all red. My hairstylish Trish did it. She used to work with me at Metropolitan and at Relik but she is now a full time nurse. However, I rent her basement so while the kiddo was asleep, we had ourselves a great time!

I am not normally a "selfie" taker but I could name off a handful of people that would be pretty upset unless I posted a picture of my new hair for the world to see. I am so happy with the results and I plan on keeping it a good long time. I'm sure that I will miss the brown eventually, but for now, I am finally happy with my hair. And it has been a while since I have been happy with it!

Moral of the story? If you need a boost, do something completely different with your hair. A good hairstylist can recommend looks that will work for you. It can be dramatic, or it can be subtle but we can change how we see ourselves when we have new hair. 

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