FAQ: Hair Care

Q: I read somewhere that applying vaseline to your hair before swimming will protect your color (not that I color my hair :) ). Does that really work or what other tips do you have for protecting my strands from the pool this summer?

A:Great questions! I won't lie, I have never heard about applying vaseline to your hair but I imagine it would create a barrier that is hard for water to get through. I'm gonna have to try it out and let you know the results :) Before you get into the pool, make sure to get wet with the convenient showers that most pools provide. This will drench your hair with non-chlorinated water before you actually get into the pool. If you jump in dry, your hair will end up soaking up more chlorine :/ Of course you need to wash your hair after you get out of the pool and I would recommend to keep the conditioner on for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out. The best thing is to deep condition your hair at least once a week (depending on how often you go swimming). You can do this at home by placing a shower cap over your conditioned hair and leaving it on for fifteen minutes while you shower. The heat/steam from the shower will open up your hair cuticle, allowing for deeper penetration into the hair shaft. For an ultimate deep condition, come see me in the salon :) Really though, if you do that for summer, your hair will feel so much better! Even with all the chlorine! For a deep condition, I recommend "Luxury Hair Mask" by Profashion. It is one of my favorite deep conditioners

Q: Why is Box color so bad for your hair?

A:Let's start with the basics, first some box dyes contain metals or types of silicones that are terrible for your hair... this is supposed to help it give you the shiny look. When you use a box color, you don't ever really know how it's going to turn out! The first time, you could get the results you want, then you try it again and your hair turns some funky color then you end up spending more money to get it fixed. Some people use box colors and have no problems with it, however it will destroy the integrity of your hair shaft and leave your hair feeling flat and lifeless. Also, when you have a professional do your hair, we focus on more than what color you want. We have to take into consideration the current condition of your hair, previous colors that have been used, porosity, texture, hair care, % of grey hair, what you really need to get the look you want, what level the color is, level of your hair, techniques to be used to achieve the look you want, colors that need to be placed back into the hair to avoid quicker fading and a billion other things!!!! We didn't go to school for nothing :) Basically, the pro should know what they are doing a lot better than the average person. Box colors have an unknown amount of ammonia, while professional color is controllable and we know exactly what is going on your hair. Trust me.... your hair will feel ten times better when you have a pro do it.

Q: I want to have a new hair style, but I also want to keep it long. Can you give me any good ideas?

A: There are a few things you can try with your hair while still maintaining length. If you do not currently have bangs, those can make a huge difference and they can be cut and styled a lot of different ways. If you are not looking for a fringe look, you could ask your stylist to give you some shorter layers towards the front in order to frame your face. Color is also a good option for those that want to keep length! It can give you the look you didn't even know you wanted! Consult with a stylist to get their professional opinion.

Q: What products should I look for in Shampoo?

A:One of the main ingredients you should look for in a shampoo is called Soduim laureth sulfate, and if your shampoo has it, get rid of it! This is a surfactant ingredient, which basically causes your shampoo to sud up. It's used in heavy duty cleaners as well as shampoos and if your shampoo has a high enough percentage, it could cause cancer! This product also tends to absorb through the skin. Try looking for something that contains Soduim Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, because you will get the cleansing, and moisturizing factor without the harmful effects. Check even your professional brands, as many carry the cancerous ingredient.

Q: I need a new hairstyle but I don't want to cut it. What can I do?

A:There are quite a few things you can do to change your style without cutting off your hair. Change your part (this can make a huge difference), cut some bangs, grow them out, get extensions, curl it, add some shorter layers (or long layers if you don't have any), or try getting a new color! Change doesn't have to come by chopping off your hair that you worked so hard to grow! One technique that is up and coming right now is called curl confusion by Kevin Murphy. When you curl your hair, set it with a different size roller...i.e. say you use a one inch tong to create your curls. Before those curls cool off, wrap them around a two inch roller. This gives your curls a little more texture and natural movement. You will also be surprised by how much more body you have! Finish the hairstyle by spraying in Kevin Murphy's beach texturizer and some powder puff! You will love it!