Product Spotlight: Skin Care

This silky, light weight serum works quickly to improve skin texture by aiding in production of collagen; limiting the loss of collagen; eliminating free-radicals; aids the skin in creating new, healthy cells and retaining skin's essential hydration for youthful skin.

Proven to be highly effective in Swiss Laboratory studies, high performing Amino Acids, Swiss Edelweiss and Tamarind Seed Extract, help to quickly repair irritated or damaged skin to give both immediate and long-lasting anti aging effects.
This advanced moisture complex will balance the skin's pH, improve the texture of damaged skin, build and retain the skin's hydration with deep penetrating emollients and while protecting against damage with anti-oxidants and free radical reducers from Swiss Edelweiss, natural proteins, and Pink Rock Rose. Tamarind Seed Extract gives unparalled hydration which is the key to defending against wrinkles, making shallow fine lines disappear.

This decadent 24-hour Amino Acid cream quickly absorbs to reduce the breakdown of essential collagen in the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to protect, revitalize and repair the skin's cells.

Extracts of Wild Yam, Lemon, Cucumber and Avocado combine with the potent proven power of Amino Acids and Swiss Edelweiss to effectively fight against aging and damaged skin while nourishing and protecting the epidermis.

Twice Voted Foundation of the Year this mineral cream-to-powder foundation make-up has been the choice of professionals for the last 30 years. The velvety smooth feel is buildable allowing you to have a sheer or a full coverage application. Helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, environmental irritants and pollutants. 100% Pharmaceutical grade ingredients allow the skin to breathe, helps to heal problem skin and will never clog your pores. Designed to suit all skin types including sensitive and problem skin. Worn by the most famous faces in the world!

This exfoliating face wash which is gentle enough for every skin type has coveted pharmaceutical ingredients such as "Tamarind Seed Extract" which helps to improve the elasticity, smoothness and hydration in the skin, jojoba oil and many other key ingredients. This specially formulated cleanser dissolves away residual makeup while helping to eliminate deep seated impurities. Nourishes while cleansing your skin without leaving it dry and tight. May also be used as a make-up remover.