Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brocato Supersilk Treatment

I'm sure that most of us have heard about the Brazilian Blowouts and how straight your hair is once you get it done. I won't lie... I have never tried it! My main concern is that it contains Formaldehyde ( and that is considered to be a huge health risk. In my opinion, certain diseases are so prevalent these days that the last thing I want to do is mess around with something that is toxic or expose my clients and coworkers to said toxicity. 

I went to New York with Relik Salon ( to an Academy presented by Sam Brocato ( where he introduced the Supersilk Treatment. A model came in that was bleach blonde and had super curly hair. They demonstrated the treatment on her hair and it was INCREDIBLE! Her hair blew out beautifully straight and without frizz. What can I say? I was convinced... it just took me until now to start offering it in the salon. Silly me. How does it work? According to Sam, "The supersilk Pure Indulgence  regimen consists of a Shampoo and Leave-In Treatment.  Both are Sulfate and Paraben- Free and contain Brocato’s exclusive NANO SILK COMPLEX.
The acidic nature of the protein compresses the hair while a nano particle (one billionth of a particle) delivers the Nano Silk Complex deep into the shaft to fill in areas of weakness and fortify compromised tresses"
Pretty fancy, right? The Supersilk Treatment will not straighten hair like a Brazilian Blowout but it will tame frizz, enhance shine and softness, smooth curls, improve control, condition and fortify the hair and lasts up to 12 weeks. Plus, it is 100% formaldehyde free. No poisons in this, baby!

So, I guess the question for you guys now is.... Does it really work? Take a look at this before and after and you tell me.

 The "before" picture is her hair after it has been washed and dried. I didn't use a brush to blow dry it so that we could see the real texture of her hair. The "after" picture is after the treatment and was blown dry the exact same way as before and the only product in there is the leave-in treatment that is part of Supersilk. So yes, it absolutely works and your styling time will go down like crazy! Not to mention that her hair felt incredible as well as looked incredible after it was all done. I sure can't wait to do this to my hair. I need some serious frizz control!

If you want this done to your hair, call and make an appointment! My contact info is under my "pricing" tab. Or you can call Relik Salon and ask for Lisa :) 801.216.4057