Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pixie Haircuts

As a stylist, I often hear people say that they think they don't have the right face shape for a Pixie haircut-it's too fat, too long, sharp features ect... I'm sure this thought has crossed your minds as well. I am here to tell you that anyone can pull off the pixie do! Not everyone has to have long, luscious hair :) I have done both and everything in between so I can attest that I had as much fun with my short Pixie as I have with my long locks. I put together some illustrations so that you can all see and I will explain each one. I have to say though, I am no artist in Paint so I hope everyone can see my vision here. A lot of people have a mix of shapes as well so just follow the basic rules I will explain here.

       Hair- The ideal face shape. We all want it but not a lot of us have it. A Pixie haircut can be super short, longer, spiky, textured, relaxed... Pretty much, this person can do whatever they want to do and the haircut will flatter them. 
       Makeup- Pick a feature to play with. Bold eyes and nude lips with light pink cheeks or bold lip with simple eyes and pink cheeks. 

          Hair- These people feel like they have full cheeks and for this reason they feel like a Pixie haircut will make them look fat. Not true!!!!! I wish I could pound this into everybody. We are way to hard on ourselves. If you want to try a Pixie haircut, you want a cut to avoid volume/anything too puffy on the sides. However, you want lots of volume on the top. I suggest taking the sides super short and keeping the top longer to get the right look.This will help create and illusion of a more slender face. I also suggest a cut that will frame the face to soften the roundness. 
         Makeup- Play with those beautiful cheeks of yours! Flaunt them and love them. You can't hide them, so embrace them. Pick a blush that will work well with your skin tone. I recommend Biofond Blush by Gerda Spillmann. 

        Hair- Go for less volume on the top, which will give you and even longer face, and more fullness on the sides. For your face shape, you want a fringe that will cover most of the forehead. You can choose a straight across, textured fringe or a swoop. Just make sure that you have it. 
        Makeup- Bold eyes look amazing with this kind of haircut. Keep the cheeks and lips soft.

        Hair- Fringe is the key for this Pixie. I recommend a soft, short, textured fringe. This will help soften the widest part of your face. You could do it super short on top or longer with more volume. The goal here is to camouflage the widest part of your face, the forehead
       Makeup- Strong eyebrows are beautiful when you have a shorter fringe. It will help bring out your eyes, and with a soft, pink lip, you will be ready to tackle the day.
        Hair- Your goal is to keep some hair around the face to soften the sharpness of your features. Asymmetrical is my favorite for this. Not to mention that it is super sexy! Volume is good for you because it will also help to soften your face. I like a heavy fringe going into the asymmetrical side as well. There is just something classy about it.
       Makeup- I love a dark smokey eye for this look. Play it up!

        Hair- I recommend hair around the face again and less volume on top. A longer fringe that sweeps one way and then frames the face the opposite way is preferable. Hair should stay in front of the ears to help frame the face. 
        Makeup- Keep attention to your eyes again but don't do them too heavy. Accentuating your brows will help them stand out. 

        Hair- Also known as the inverted triangle, I suggest a longer pixie do for this face shape with a swoop fringe and lots of hair coming forward. This will help with the wide top and is very flattering for a pointy chin as well. You don't need too much volume but you want a happy medium. 
        Makeup-Highlighter around your eyes and cheeks will bring out their prominence and make your eyes pop. 

         Hair- Fringe across the forehead is highly recommended for this face shape to create a wider forehead to match the broad chin a little closer. Volume is recommended as well. I like a thicker fringe but it can also be more textured. 
        Makeup- Lips! Play them up and show them off.

Keep in mind that most of us have a mix of face shapes so this is meant to be more of a guide as to how your hair should look with different Pixie haircuts. I hope this helped you realize that anyone can pull it off and love it. However, if you have long hair right now, make sure you really want a short hairdo before really committing. It can be scary but it is a ton of fun! Here is a picture of me when I had a fun Pixie do. 

I will admit that I didn't think I could pull it off because of my nice, full cheeks but I ended up loving it. I still felt feminine and it took less time to get ready. I'm sure I'll go back to it one day, especially since all my hair is falling out after this cute baby of mine:)