Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ballroom Romance

In October of 2013, I collaborated with Elyse Alexandria Holmes on an inspiration shoot (she did the pictures, I did hair and makeup:). The inspiration? Ballroom Dance. Turns out that she has some family on a world renowned Ballroom Dance Team and they let the two of us have some fun. At the time, I had never met Elyse but I loved her business name. I mean, what sounds more dreamy and perfect than Elyse Alexandria Photography? I don't know what it is but I love, love, love it. In fact, I'm seriously considering naming one of my girls that! Anyway, if you haven't seen her work, jump over to her website because you will not be sorry. She has a gift that so many people don't have. Everything she does is gorgeous! And, we collaborated for the New Years Eve shoot, which is also gorgeous.

Who thinks to stick two Ballroom dancers, who are madly in love (they are actually married!), and put them in the Utah mountains and photograph them? Elyse does.

Who knows how to make her models look stunning? Elyse does.

Who knows how to perfect the lighting and create gorgeous images? Elyse does.

And who knows how to work it behind the camera? Elyse does! I just can't get over these pictures. The models were perfect, the venues were so creative, I had a BLAST with her hair and makeup and his hair. So. Fun. I hope you guys love them as much as I do! Thanks for reading:)

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