Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple up-do how to :)

When doing a style, preparation is key. I prepped this young lady's hair with Kevin Murphy hair products: Body Builder, Anti-Gravity, and Damage Manager. I put it in wet, but you can also put it all in dry to get a stronger hold.

How to:
1. Prep the hair and blow dry upside down for added volume
2. Tease the hair in sections (back, side and side) according to how much added volume you want
3. Smooth the teased sections
4. Braid both sides of hair. You can either do a french braid or just regular braids and pin them back. I used          Easy Rider to keep the ends in and smooth out the braids.
5. Connect the braids in the back by twisting them together. This gives it extra hold and a cuter style than just tying it with a hair band.
6. Insert the bobby-pins in a horizontal/diagonal way so they cannot be seen. It is really easy to hide them in the braid, if needed.
7. After I did all this I gave her hair a little curl with my flat iron. You can also do it with a curling iron.

I hope you love it!

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