Saturday, February 25, 2012

From Fine to Fabulous

I recently got my sister Teresa started on a Gerda Spillmann skin care regime. She is beautiful but she has always struggled with acne, even in her adult years. These are her words and this is her story....

Gerda Spillmann Skin Challenge:  Fine to Fabulous
DAY 1:
I’ve struggled with acne since the fourth grade.  I admit that I have not had it as bad as some, but I’ve had my fair share of zits.  At 26 years old, I’m still getting those zits.  After over a decade of trying almost every acne product out there, and several useless visits to the dermatologist, I found a mound of products and a skin care regimen that worked fine enough.  So I settled, and I’ve been using the same products for five years now.
My skin care routine has become a little tedious, but wavering from it usually resulted in a breakout.  My routine goes as follows:
1- Two different cleansers.  One cleanser for the morning and the other cleanser for the evening.
2-Two layers of three different types of moisturizers.  Again one combination of moisturizers for the morning, and another combination of moisturizers for the evening.
3-A toner.  I use this around three times a week.  Sometimes more as needed, but I have to be careful because it dries out my face.
4-An exfoliant.  I use this one to two times a week.  Again, it depends on if I am breaking out, and how dry my skin is getting from the toner.
5- A mud mask.  I use this about once a month.  I have to cleanse my skin, apply the mask, let it dry,  scrub it off my face, followed by a moisturizer.  It takes about thirty minutes from start to finish.
6-Blackhead strips.  I use them around every 6 weeks.  This is the best way to remove blackheads, but it never lasts.  My pores inevitably fill back in.
This skin care regimen left my skin looking fine.
When it comes to my skin I cringe when I hear the words “Your skin looks fine.” 
Fine.  That is the curse that is my skin.
After dealing with acne for most of my life, having my teenage hormones settle down, and using the  skin care regimen listed above, I’ve been able to control my acne to the point of fine.
Yes, most of the time my skin does look “fine” from ten feet away.  Now let me bring you in a little closer.

Blackheads are the bane of my existence.
 My blackheads and I have been with each other for so long, I’ve even given all of them their own name.
Ok.  I am being a little bit facetious.
I have not yet reached the point of naming them, because I am obviously not fond of any of them. 
Actually, I hate blackheads.  I can deal (and have been dealing) with breakouts.  Those nasty little zits will eventually go away.  These blackheads, however, are here to stay.  What’s worse is that not only are my blackheads here to stay, but they are slowly spreading!  I am a little bit paranoid that one day my face might become one giant blackhead. 
I’m kidding… Sort of…
So here I am dealing, with my “fine” skin, and vain, yet realistic paranoia.
*Enter Gerda Spillmann*

My younger sister is a beautician, and was able to obtain a job with Gerda Spillmann.  I had never heard of this brand before.  She kept telling me about how great their products were.  I was hesitant to believe any product out there was as good as she was saying.  “I will believe it when I see it”, was the thought going on in my head.
My sister has similar skin to mine.  Along with mild breakouts as an adult she has the same blackhead pattern along her nose and chin.  She has also tried every acne product under the sun, to no avail.
Six months after she started using Gerda Spillman I am amazed at the transformation of her skin.  It is clearer than it has ever been and she just glows.  I would say her skin is magazine worthy.  That is why I decided it was worth a shot to leave my skin care routine that has left my skin looking “fine”. 
So today I begin a new journey.  A journey that will hopefully (and finally) take my skin from “fine” to FABULOUS.
Wish me luck and stay tuned for my weekly updates.

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